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Floor Plans & Measurements

Accurate dimensions for better decision making.

Floor plans give the prospect a real sense of how it would feel to inhabit a space. 2D Floor-plans are powerful tools in communicating crucial measurement data on space and volume that empower your clients to make better buying decisions. These dimensions allow users to envisage how a space could be used or transformed for their purposes.

Schematic Floor & Site Plans

2D black and white floor plans allow for a visual perspective of property layout and dimension. Full-colour 2D and 3D Plans are also available. Included with Core Capture Elements

3D Dollhouse View

Included with every 3D Virtual Tour, the 3D Dollhouse View offers a unique birds-eye perspective, allowing for inutitive navigation of any Core Capture 3D model.

Measurement Accuracy

Our equipment allows for complete capture of 3D point cloud data and measurements, boasting accuracy within 1% of reality. Included with 3D model measurement tools.

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Repeatable Measurements
Without Repeat Visits.

More about 2D & 3D Floor Plans for 3D Virtual Tours


Let clients vet and size up a space for their uses at their own convenience. Eliminating the need for site visits or back and forth trips. No need to email property managers or developers for schematics and measurements. Respond faster to client requests for detailed information.


Convince buyers of their dream home before they even step foot in the property. Allow them to fall in love with the home by giving them a visual and visceral sense of what it would be like to fill the home with their own possessions.


Send your clients a simple weblink to view the property and allow them to take their own measurements of anything within the 3D model. Helping them to determine whether or not their dining table fits through the doorway, or if there is enough space in the master bedroom for their king size bed. 

Cost Effective

The traditional method for manually measuring and extracting accurate and detailed floor plans and measurements is expensive, tedious and time consuming. With a 3D Virtual Model of your property and the digital assets it creates, you can easily send generated schematic floor plans to contractors for quotes on renovation work for a fraction of the cost of traditional drafting. 

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