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Accurate and objective documentation is critical to your bottom line.
A 3D Digital Clone can be the difference between a million-dollar insurance claim
and a thousand dollar settlement.
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We create 3D Digital Clones of properties at every stage of the insurance documentation process. From policy creation to first notice of loss, claims settlement and mitigation. These Digital Clones provide accurate and objective dimensional measurements, with visual and analytical data to ensure better-informed policy underwriting and informed decision making. This leads to faster claims settlement while reducing risk and large payouts, should losses occur.

Accurate Liability Coverage

Empower your estimators, adjusters and underwriters to make better informed decisions, accurate risk identification and estimates to provide the right amount of liability coverage at the point of new policy creation.

Visualise Losses

Visualize fire and flood damage of a property post-loss and before further deterioration of the worksite by documenting every angle needed for claims settlement and mitigation purposes.

Emergency Preparedness

Be better prepared for claims due to natural disaster events with comprehensive 3D digital clones of high-value properties that carry high risk and large potential payouts. Better visibility and transparency allows for fast and accurate turnaround of cases during disaster events.

Risk Reduction

Eliminate the guesswork and errors when estimating coverage of high-value properties or assets with complete replayable visual documentation tools. Reduce incidences or attempts of fraud by having objective and court-admissible visual documentation and measurements of every detail of the property.

Improve Efficiency

Never miss an important measurement, detail or crucial photo. Virtually Revisit the site before further damage or decay to evaluate decisions. Increase claim cycle efficiency, reduce redundant site visits and reduce cost with the ability to make repeat visits to any property at any time on any device for remote collaboration and decision making.

Tools for every step of the process

Step 1. Policy Writing

  • Assess Layouts with Dollhouse View, Floor & Site Plans
  • Determine Emergency Features with Tagging
  • Document High Value Assets with HDR Photography
  • Record measurements of existing structures with 3D tools
  • Highlights key areas of risk with guided walkthroughs

Step 2. First Notice of Loss

  • Reduce time rectifying discrepancies with recall tools
  • Speed up claims process with repeatability and remote site visits
  • Document areas of damage for review
  • Provide accurate instructions for the mitigation stage
  • Provide process transparency and increase customers satisfaction 

Step 3. Mitigation & Restoration

  • Provide accurate job estimates with measurement tools
  • Cleanup Progress Documentation with before and after photography
  • Ensure transparency in your work by providing both pre and post mitigation scans to the insurer and end client with visual before and after documentation

Powerful digital tools and assets

With every 3D Digital Clone we create, we provide useful assets for your workflow and decision-making process. From the initial policy writing to pre-loss and mitigation stages.

3D Digital Clone

With Core Capture Insight, we recreate your property or facility as a fully interactive and immersive 3D digital clone.

HDR Photo Documentation

We capture 25+ high resolution, high dynamic range still photographs for visual documentation of your space.

Tagging in 3D Space

Highlight key points of interest or areas of concern and share notes to other parties across your organization. Attach and upload notes, links or detailed images to provide context to the scene when collaborating.

Estimate-Grade Measurement Accuracy

Make accurate and precise measurements when determining square footage, emergency entrances and exists, ceiling heights and more thanks to measurement accuracy within 1% of reality.

2D Schematic Foor Plans

High quality black and white detailed floor plans are included with our Insight solution. Determine square footage and layout without the need for return site visits or tedious and time consuming manual measurements on job sites where access may be limited or dangerous.

Powerful Integration

Extract compatible file-types for import into your other software to improve workflow and increase remote working productivity. Easily Integrate with other software in your workflow like TrueSketch, Xactimate & Encircle.

Homeowners, Landlords & Property Managers

You need comprehensive tools to document the current state of your property before a new occupying tenant. We can tailor our Insight solution to suit your needs.

  • Create a complete visual record of the property’s condition
  • Reduce discrepancies and disputes with tenants or insurance carriers
  • Expedite remedies and the claims process should damage by tenant occur

Core Capture Insight

Capture every detail throughout the insurance cycle, create informed and accurate policies and claims settlements with Core Capture Insight.

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