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Our AEC & Design services bundle Core Capture Intelligence is specifically designed with as-built measurement accuracy and construction progress documentation in mind. Providing immersive 3D walkthroughs of your current projects in full colour, stitched point cloud drawings and delivering crucial digital assets for use in your 3D modelling software of choice. Spend less time on-site and boost productivity with our 3D scanning solutions.

3D Virtual Twin

We create a digital clone of your job site complete with detailed point cloud & 3D mesh data, overlayed with high-resolution imagery, viewable in 3D space. Capture every aspect and never miss a crucial detail.

Accurate Measurements

Take detailed measurements with in-model 3D tools to record ceiling heights, door openings, stud work and more at any stage of construction. Eliminate manual measurements, human error and repeat visits.

Remote Collaboration

Our technology allows for multiple stakeholders to view and interact all within the same model of the property and make collective decisions remotely. Schedule meetings live within the 3D Virtual Twin.

Improve Communication

Promote project transparency between clients and other stakeholders by providing updates with the help of virtual site visits that feature built-in video conferencing tools and content-rich feature tags.

Create Measurable 3D Digital Twins and Immersive Virtual Walkthroughs.

How it works

Our 3D captures stich your job site or project data into fully immersive 3D virtual walkthroughs that can be viewed on any device by any project stakeholder. Boosting productivity, assisting remote collaboration and reducing site visits. Create before and after scans or quarterly progress updates that can be shared with a simple link.

Interior Design

Make Better Presentations

Showcase your recent projects, designs or ideas to new clients with an immersive experience that photos and videos alone cannot recreate.

Digitize & Streamline Design Process

Capture a clients space as-is and have an easily navigable and measurable workspace in 3D for note taking and unlimited repeat visits from any device at your convenience.

Win New Clients

Add that wow factor to your design studio with sharable links to social media and fully showcase your taste to your follower base. Winning new clients.

Facilities Management

Our technology gives you visibility beyond 2D photo documentation and manual note-taking for improved decision making ability.

MEP Planning & Maintenance

Visually document your sites mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with accurate measurement tools to assist with remote repair work, replacement planning and new equipment purchase decisions.

Asset Management

Create owner operating manuals with 3D visuals or gain new perspective with top down 3D and dollhouse views of your site or facility and visualize the lifecycle of every asset under your management. 

Project Collaboration

Communicate remotely with vendors, schedule in-model video calls and remote work appointments with other project collaborators. Reducing the need for in person site visits, aiding new employee on-boarding efforts and increasing productivity while reducing costs.

Emergency Planning

Our 2D Schematic Floor & Site Plans help with implementing better thought out wayfinding maps and emergency plans; visualizing safety equipment points, pathways, muster stations and creating shareable links accessible by every department or stakeholder within your organization.

Insurance Transparency

Share your site or facility's 3D digital clone with insurance providers for accurate and updated coverage assessments.

AEC Bundle
Downloadable Assets

  • 2D Schematic, 3D & Dollhouse Floor Plans & Reflected Ceiling Plans.
  • HDR 143 Mega Pixel High-Resolution Photography
  • Measurement tool accuracy within 1% (0.1% Accuracy Coming Soon)
  • 3D Point Cloud and 3D Mesh Data for export and integration with BIM & CAD Modeling Software like BIM360, Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD or your preferred 3D modelling software. File Types (.xyz, .obj, .jpg, .pdf)

Core Capture Intelligence

Streamline construction projects, improve collaboration and win new clients with immersive 3D portfolios of your work.

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